How long should my executive resume be

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How long should my executive resume be -

During the course of our journey of developing resumes for the executives around the world, we faced many executives who were worried about their resume size. The common question among them all was how long should be my executive resume. Well, there is no fixed size at all. However, one should ideally look at the size of two pages of A4 (114x162 mm) paper. Here is a list of points to consider for developing your professional executive resume through us.

  • Understanding the USP (Unique Selling Proposition): Resume development for executives is a challenging task. Because of the nature of work that an executive is supposed to handle, carving out the individuality a.k.a. the distinguishing features among them are difficult though they are essential from the standpoint of every executive in the job market. You will be happy to know that we have successfully crafted resumes out of the scratch. All of them have actually honed our skills further on the executive resume development.
  • Crafting the story: Crafting a story is important for the executive resumes like any other resume in the world. But, executive resumes demand a special skill to craft the story. Despite the great similarities in the job functions, you as an individual should be able to say with conviction that yes, my executive resume is unique. That’s the catch. We have built hundreds of such stories for the executives around the world.  
  • Linking up with the fact sheet: Story without a storyline doesn’t work. As a matter of fact, whatever story we craft has a strong storyline that gels well with the fact sheet of an executive. This, in short, gives birth to a compelling story thereby helps you stand apart in the job market and, in turn, helps you win the coveted job. If you are still in two minds here, we advise you to be in touch with us for a review of your case.
  • Taking the reader along: Only a strong storyline connects well with the readers. But, taking the readers along isn’t easy as they demand continually feeding something interesting along the path of the journey. Only an experienced storyteller can do that effectively as we do that for you beyond doubts. In short, when you develop the executive resume through us, you essentially take the right step in your life advancing towards the coveted professional goal.
  • Making the journey convincible: While feeding something interesting along the path of the journey of your executive resume, it is extremely important to maintain the lucidity and uninterrupted progress towards the peak. The journey should look like a real one so that your prospective employers can have a fulfilling experience in the end. We have years of hands-on experience and expertise delivering the same to the clients like you.
  • Giving the masterstroke: A masterstroke is all about the pinnacle of success in your professional career. But, stuff like garnishing and delivery of the masterstroke matter here. For instance, a birthday cake should always be delivered in a beautiful packet and the name of the person (for whom it is intended to) must be written on it. Things like the packet and the name of the person do not cost you but carry great values for the person as they all let the person feel special befitting the specific occasion of his/her life. We deliver the masterstroke in your resume that takes you to places without many efforts. That’s the beauty of our services.      
  • Happy ending: Like a story, your executive resume too must have an ending with a difference. Your reader must have a wonderful experience traversing through the loads of work that you have accomplished with dignity and honour and at the same time, it should create an ambience that ushers to a promise of delivering tuned results for the future. It is this promise that will create a compelling mindset of the reader in your favour. We call it the happy ending. It is something that sounds like happily married thereafter. That’s the prized catch with our unique services for the executive resume building.

To summarise here, we create executive resumes that never let their readers feel deserted. Call us to know more here.       


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